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Floor Furnace Repair and Replacement in Little Rock

Now that the cold weather seems like it is here to stay, it's time to make sure the biggest energy user in your home is in peak working condition. Associated Plumbers can provide the necessary maintenance and repairs to your floor furnace. If your home in Little Rock needs a floor furnace repair or replacement service, give us a call. Unlike conventional furnaces, floor devices have their own challenges they present to home and business owners. This is due to how they work and function. It is common for buildups in the devices.

Floor Furnaces

Floor Furnaces are a type of gas furnace. They pump warm air into rooms through furnaces at the floor level. They are used as gas is a cheaper fuel. The furnace is placed near the floor which helps heat travel as it has the ability to rise.

Common Floor Furnace Problems

Floor furnaces can have many problems that require repairs by a professional. The following are some of the most common issues that lead to necessary repairs and even replacement of your floor furnaces.

  • Venting
  • Contaminants
  • Cost
  • Contact

Venting for Floor Furnaces

These units have been known to not vent properly. This eventually wastes energy and increases energy costs. As they are located far away from the home's vents, they have attributed to health problems by exposing home and business owners to gas and other elements.


Floor furnaces get dirtier than any other systems in Little Rock. Buildup such as hair, dirt, and dust can hinder the proper functioning of the unit as well as cause other heating problems. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep the vents clean.


A floor furnace is costly to operate. If the unit is working to full capacity, the cost to run it can be compared to a conventional heating system. But if it is not working like it should be, you can be looking at higher heating bills.


Children, babies, and pets come into contact more so than anybody else. Since the units are so low, they often cause burns to children and pets. This can be an ongoing problem. Also-objects that are sat too close to it have the potential of catching fire. Removing them will help avoid this.

Getting a Floor Furnace Checked Up

Before repairs or replacement s goes into a unit, we recommend having it checked out first. You'll find that sometimes, when you think they need replaced, only requires simple repairs. Installations are also necessary for cleaner and warmer heating.

Contact Associated Plumbers for floor furnace repair or replacement services. No matter what your unit needs, we are equipped to give it. Our Little Rock plumbers are more than just plumbers; we are experienced in furnace repairs and maintenance too.

Our Little Rock Floor Furnace Experts Provide:

  • Floor furnace repairs
  • Floor furnace replacement
  • Floor furnace problems
  • Floor heaters
  • Gas floor furnaces
  • Floor heating systems
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