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Signs of a Stopped Up Sewer

A sewer stoppage is a very serious problem that can be considered a distinct health problem. Since the sewer water has no place to go, it will all come back up into the household plumbing system in one way or another. When you have a sewer drain clog, you should not use any of the plumbing in the home until the stoppage is cleared.

If you suspect that you have a sewer stoppage, it is important to confirm this and clear it as soon as possible.

There are several signs that you may have a sewer drain clog:

Multiple Fixtures Are Not Draining
A very obvious sign of a stopped up sewer is when more than one plumbing fixture backs up at the same time. Toilets, in particular, are affected by this, but other fixtures can also be involved. If you suspect that you have a sewer stoppage, start by checking other fixtures in the home.

Toilets have the most direct path to the sewer and the biggest drain line in the house, so if there is a problem with the sewer drain, you will first notice it here. It is rare to have a main line sewer stoppage and still have toilets working correctly.

Tub and shower:
Other drains typically affected by a main line stoppage are those in the tub and shower. This is due to the fact that they sit at a lower level than sink drains. Check whether the tub and shower drains are blocked if you suspect a sewer stoppage.

Flush the toilet:
 If flushing the toilet results in water backing up or coming up into the tub or shower, this is usually a clear sign of a sewer stoppage. The flushed water that cannot go down the sewer drain flows back up the pipes and comes out at the lowest point, which is usually the shower drain.

Run the sink: 
Another strange reaction to look for is trapped air in the plumbing system. Do this by running water in the sink closest to the toilet for a minute or so. If the toilet bubbles or you can see the water level in the toilet rising, then the stoppage is very likely in the main sewer line and not in the toilet.

Washing machine: 
An unexpected sign of a sewer drain clog can happen when you run the washing machine. If the water draining out of the washing machine causes the toilet to overflow or backs up into the tub or shower, it could be a sign the sewer main is clogged.‚Äč Note: This symptom can just be a washing machine and shower problem and not a sewer drain stoppage. If the toilets are still flushing fine while this occurs, then this is likely due to a washing machine stoppage and not a sewer main.

Drainage at the Clean-Out:
If you have a main line clean-out, you have an additional way of verifying a sewer drain clog. Locate the clean-out if you don’t already know where it is. Open the clean-out by either unscrewing or pulling to remove the cap. Check the clean-out for any waste or water that may be backing up there. Normally, no water should be coming up the clean-out pipe. If water is flowing up and out of the clean-out or standing in the pipe, this confirms that you have a main line sewer stoppage.

Once you have verified a sewer stoppage, you can move on to clearing it. Clearing a sewer drain requires a sewer drain snake. You can either call a professional plumber or rent the machine and clear it yourself. Either way, a sewer drain clog should be cleared as quickly as possible.

A sewer line stoppage creates big problems with your home plumbing, requiring sewer line repair. If you’ve noticed that your drainage system has started to slow down and perhaps heard a gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl, now may be the time to act.
We can install new sewer lines or repair currently broken sewer lines.

We service a variety of sewer line repairs and installations:
Sewer and drain line replacement, Sewer snaking
Clogged sewer lines and drains

To have a licensed plumber come to your home for sewer line repairs, contact Associated Plumbers, Inc. 501-666-9483 today.

Sewer Camera Drain Inspection

Sewer Camera Drain Inspection uses the same principles as medical doctors who use endoscopic cameras. We take a small camera and run it through your pipeline to get a first-hand image of what’s really causing that blockage. Specially made waterproof cameras allow for a visual inspection of sewer lines. This process is neat and doesn’t damage property, and it helps our plumbers really solve the problem for good. 
Camera drain inspection should be done annually as build up can be caused from debris falling through a sink drain or even plant roots expanding underground.

A sewer camera drain inspection will help take care of all of your sewer and drain pipe needs, including:
Sewer and drain line replacement
Sewer snaking
Back-up prevention
To have a licensed plumber come to your home for sewer line repairs, contact Associated Plumbers, Inc. 501-666-9483 today.
Clearing of sewer/drain stoppages is an attempt only. Clearing of sewer lines may not be possible due to infiltration of roots, the pipe being compromised allowing inflow of rocks and dirt, collapse of line, etc....
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