Why we think Flat-Rate Pricing is a better option for our clients.

Associated Plumbers Inc. of Little Rock AR has performed both hourly and exclusively since 2002 flat rate (upfront) pricing for any work performed. Flat rate pricing is not new as it was being discussed in the Plumbing Trade Magazines as far back as the early 1900's, although has become more widely used in the last 30 or so years. 

Flat Rate pricing is also known as Upfront, Contract and as we all use in our daily lives Menu Pricing:

Most companies will charge a Dispatch, Service Call, Diagnostic, Show Up Fee to arrive at your home and give you a price for the work to be performed.  Most companies will waive this fee if any work is performed at this time or in our situation if the work is not performed at this time but within the next 2 weeks. 

First, you’ll be given a price to complete certain tasks upfront before any work begins. This can be very comforting to just get the agreed upon price out of the way.  When you pay a flat rate, you’ll pay the task quoted price whether the job takes an hour or five hours. 

Example:  Going to a restaurant and ordering a steak you wouldn't expect to pay more for one cooked well done than one rare would you? Although more labor (time),  material (gas/electric) was used to cook the steak well done. 

Dispatch Fee:

As of  2002 we also implemented the use of a dispatch fee to arrive at your home or business. The plumber will give you a firm up-front price for the repair or if further investigation is required, once you give approval of the price for the repair that is the cost you will pay, unless additional unforeseen repair are required. The dispatch fee will be waived if repairs are made at the time of the quote. This price will include labor, parts, miscellaneous materials, and parts acquisition time. The current dispatch fee is $59.00.

Associated Plumbers Inc. only installs products and superior quality replacement parts that we know are going to last. Please let us know your comments concerning Flat Rate Pricing and any other areas in which we can be of service. No matter how small the displeasure or how minor the irritation; we want to know when you are not happy with our service. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Thanks again for being our client! 

Time and Material (Hourly) Pricing:

 Most companies charge from the time they leave one job to the time they finish yours. This includes drive time whether it be down the street or across town.

The time taken to complete you job would also be dependent upon the health/mood of the Plumber, organized/disorganized, experience, even including the time of day or what they had to eat for lunch.

You wont know the price for the job until it is completed. SURPRISE!!!!

Example: There is a subdivision here in Little Rock that the water heaters are in the same location in the house and installed the same exact way. Taking in consideration the above paragraph you would probably be upset to find out that your neighbor paid less to have their water heater changed, although it was by the same company.

And what if the plumber has to run out for more parts? This is a common occurrence and the meter will be running the entire time on the hourly plumber but the price remains fixed with the flat rate plumber. Finally, when calculating your overall value, please don’t forget to factor in hard costs that every business has to include in to its pricing. There is the service truck, fuel and maintenance as well as vehicle insurance, liability insurance for the business, even the plumber’s health insurance. Also, office staff, rent, phones, utilities, advertising, tools and equipment. Plumbing is a professional trade that involves never-ending learning to keep up with changing fixtures, materials and plumbing codes. Not just anybody can do this kind of work so please don’t pretend that a plumber’s time is less valuable than that of any other professional, whether blue collar or white collar.
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